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Floating Pond and Lake Aerators
Pond Aerators

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Air-Max Floating Pond Aerators

Floating Pond and Lake Fountains
Floating Pond Fountains

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OASE and Rain Jet Fountains, Lights, and Parts
Oase fountain parts, discharge housings, impellers, motors, lights and more!

OASE Fountain Replacement Parts
OASE Underwater Fountain Lights

OASE Fountain Nozzles Still Available!

Rain Jet and Aquavator Fountains
You can still get replacement parts and new units similar to the old Fountains. We Are distributors for Rain Jet™ Fountains and have access to Rainjet - OASE replacement parts.

OASE Floating Fountain Parts

OASE Floating Fountain Pump Parts

OASE StrataVator Floating Fountain Parts

With so many models of floating pond and lake aerating fountains, the hardest part is deciding which one to choose. OASE floating fountains will help provide the much needed aeration for you pond or lake. For small shallow ponds the Pond Jet is an excellent choice. For small to medium sized ponds and lakes the "MINI", "MIDI" are a good choice. The "MIDI" "MAXI" are the choice for larger ponds and lakes.
OASE Floating Fountains OASE MINI Stratavator Fountains OASE MIDI Floating Fountain OASE Floating Fountains MAXI

OASE MINI Stratavator

Available in 1/2 HP, and 1 HP models. Operates in as little as 4' of water



OASE MIDI Floating Fountain

Available in 1 1/2 HP and 2 HP models. Operates in as little as 5' of water



Available in 5 HP, 10 HP, and the 15 HP model. Operates in as little as 5' of water


OASE 5600 Fountain LightOASE Lunaqua 5.1 Fountain LightOASE Underwater Fountain Lights / Floating Fountain Lights

Fountain Lights - OASE Line Voltage and Low Voltage Fountain Lighting.
Lights for Architectural Fountains, Floating Fountains, Waterfalls, and Garden Ponds.
With there high quality construction, OASE Submersible Fountain Lights will provide years of enjoyment for your project.
oase-4600-fountain-light-kit oase-lunaqua 5.1-light-kit

OASE SIP Fountain Pumpoase Fountain PumpsOASE Fountain Pumps / Waterfall Pumps
OASE is a leader in the design of Fountain Pumps and Waterfall Pumps that are energy efficient. With three and five year warranties, OASE pumps will provide you with years of trouble free service.


OASE™ Fountain NozzlesOASE™ Fountain NozzlesOASE™ Fountain Nozzles

Whatever water effect you are looking, OASE has a nozzle to fill your needs. Whether you are looking for a "Frothy Nozzle, Cascade Nozzle", or a "bell" nozzle you can rest assured that you can find it here. OASE manufacturers a complete line of fountain nozzles. So if you are looking for a small nozzle for your water garden, or a large nozzle for your commercial project, OASE has a nozzle for you.


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